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Weevr handles everything you need to launch rich talent referral programs with flexible incentives.

Flexible Reward

For some people, intrinsic motivation trumps extrinsic rewards. Weevr’s points-based reward platform enables referrers to convert their points into gift cards, time-off, or cash. You set the parameters, they reap the rewards.

From FTE
to Freelancer

When you decouple your Employee Referral Program from the confines of your payroll system, you unleash the true power of your referral network. Weevr uses automated points to support timely incentives for anyone, anywhere.

Keep Quality
Candidates, Longer

Set bonuses for candidates that increase the diversity of your talent pool or run specific campaigns with unique rewards. By building the strength of your referral program, Weevr helps you improve your company’s retention and quality of hires.

Complete View
of Engagement

Weevr’s reporting provides you with a robust view of where your posting has been shared and the downstream engagement that results in your network.

Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Weevr makes it easy, fun and rewarding for participants to shout from the rooftops (okay, not really) that your company is a great place to work.

Speed Up
Your Hires

Weevr expedites the sourcing of your most powerful hires. Warm leads from a network who knows your corporate culture and role expectations let you get to a successful hire faster.

Speed up your Hiring Process

Your Flexible

Innovative brands value the fresh perspective, expertise, and networks of freelancers. Weevr facilitates sourcing for a flexible workforce, automatically and easily rewarding your talent network for a successful gig and freelance referrals.

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