Make Your Talent Recruitment More Effective

Weevr is a talent referral solution that increases the engagement and reach of your recruitment efforts.

An Easy To Use Talent Referral Platform

Weevr is an easy-to-use talent referral platform that makes it simple for corporations to reach beyond the limits of their employee referrals and leverage the true power of personal and professional networks.

Using blockchain technology, Weevr delivers the transparency and efficiency needed to source quality talent while minimizing cost and time commitments.

Referrals and Rewards
Made Easy

Remove the onerous administrative burden of employee referral programs and replace it with a delightfully simple to use talent referral solution.

Weevr Content
Weevr Content

Extend The Reach of
Your Talent
Referral Program

Build your pipeline of quality talent and strengthen your employer brand by reaching beyond the limits of employee referrals to leverage the power of your full network – from current staff, to ex-employees, to part-time contractors, your partners, and more.

Create Ongoing,
Active Engagement

Engage your talent referral network with incremental rewards throughout the recruitment process – from sharing a posting through to a successful hire.

Weevr Content
Weevr Content

Richer Campaigns with Lower Admin

Leveraging blockchain technology, Weevr delivers the transparency and administrative efficiency that empowers companies to run richer, more engaging referral programs without layering on unwieldy costs.

77% of CEOs see the availability of key skills as the biggest threat to their business.

~ PwC, CEO Survey - Global Talent

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