The Guide To Building An Agile Workforce

7 Recommendations for how HR and Talent Leaders Can Implement Agile Practices To Build High Performance Teams.


Most workplaces are struggling to keep up with the expectations, let alone the aspirations, of the agile business. As leaders grapple with the challenges of rapidly changing consumer Expectations, executives look to their Human Resources teams to deliver engaged and motivated employees, with the right skills and reasonable compensation expectations.

Read this whitepaper to learn why most HR teams are struggling to meet the staffing demands of the agile revolution, and discover seven key recommendations that will assist with the cultivation of an Agile Workforce.


This white paper addresses 5 key challenges to workforce agility:

  • Lack of leadership support for cultural change
  • External talent solutions
  • Structural challenges
  • Slow technology adoption
  • Disinterest in learning and development


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An Excerpt

Legacy, hierarchical organizational structures that rely on a select few leaders who “know best” have proven to stifle teams with a lack of speed, burdensome processes, and often focus on risk reduction at the expense of breakthrough innovation. Talent/HR Leaders seeking to create and ensure the success of Agile Workforces start with mindsets and cultural behaviors by moving leaders from planners, directors, and controllers to agile visionaries, architects, and coaches who empower people to lead, collaborate and deliver results.