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HR Tech WebinarExpert Q&A Webinar with Matt Burns and moderated by Teresa Duke

Why watch?

If we thought we needed people technology before, with COVID-19 changing the way we work, we need the right HR technology even more now. Cut through the overwhelming clutter of HR tech and watch this Q&A discussion with experts Matt Burns and Teresa Duke on where to focus your people technology efforts.


Never before have we seen such rapid workforce change, and the companies who can manage and facilitate that change with the right people technology will come out ahead.

In addition to answering your questions, we will talk about these three recommended areas of focus for HR technology:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Best of breed HR procurement versus end-to-end technology selection
  • Using design-thinking software methodology to evaluate your HR processes and journey-mapping the Employee Experience (EX)

Who is the relevant for?

HR, People and Talent Acquisition Leaders, CHRO’s, CEO’s, COO’s, Business Leaders and Specialists


Gain understanding about the top three recommended areas to focus your tech efforts, HR technology you need to be aware of today, mistakes to avoid, and technology to get ready for in the near future.


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Webinar Panelists

Matt Burns

Matt’s 20-year journey has taken him around the world, supporting organizations in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia & South America. Previously, Matt led an HR team recognized in 2018 as the ‘Canadian HR Team of the Year – Retail / Hospitality’, on the heels of their 2017 award for: ‘Most Innovative Use of HR Technology’.

Now as Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of BentoHR, Matt’s advancing his vision that digital transformation can (and should) be simple, supporting organizations by intentionally integrating strategy, technology and analytics to enhance their performance.

Matt sits on several Boards globally, providing counsel on strategy, innovation and culture. He’s a frequent conference speaker, including recent events in New York City, Copenhagen, and Zurich.

Teresa Duke

Teresa is a talent and culture consultant and with over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition and HR leadership roles. Prior to her consulting practice, Teresa operated as Head of Recruitment for Unbounce and held senior positions at BlackFriday.com, Vivendi Games, Blizzard, and Electronic Arts. A practiced leadership coach, Teresa has authored white papers on agile workforces and workplace culture. Teresa facilitates learning that engenders belonging and connects leaders and teams to their potential and values.