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In the Talent Economy, specialty skills and knowledge are the lifeblood of organizations.

Who Are We?

At Weevr, we aim to reduce the inefficiencies of traditional employment and recruitment markets by providing our clients with tools to discover and engage the talent they need to thrive.

The Weevr platform is built on Blockchain, a relatively new technology that comes with 5 key benefits: greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, reduced costs, increased efficiency and speed. For our clients, that translates to an innovative platform that delivers bigger results with a lower admin burden.

Leadership Team

Meet the people redesigning the design process. See who’s answering your calls, optimizing your experience, and constantly obsessing over your designs.
Ed Sadowski Ed Sadowski

CEO and Founder

Ed Sadowski

With deep experience in sales, marketing and product management, Ed has successfully launched multiple products, solutions and services globally.  With a broad set of skills and experience ranging from startup to enterprise, Ed has specific expertise in wireless, lighting and mobile security. Ed co-founded MegaChain in 2017 and as CEO, leads the company’s strategy and business development efforts.

Clive Wright Clive Wright

CTO and Founder

Clive Wright

As MegaChain’s CTO, Clive has nearly 30 years of engineering, product development and product management expertise ranging from startups to multinationals.  A consummate entrepreneur, Clive has both started and successfully sold his own venture before launching MegaChain. He is an active member of the West Coast’s Blockchain community and is excited about its practical applications.

Miodrag Spasojevic Miodrag Spasojevic

Development Manager

Miodrag Spasojevic

With over 20 years of experience as a software developer and architect, Miodrag has built and led teams of developers implementing back-end, front-end and mobile systems across a wide range of industries. At MegaChain, he is committed to building innovative and pragmatic Blockchain applications.

Liz Lee Liz Lee

Customer Success Lead

Liz Lee

Liz brings a strong track record of working with SaaS  companies (enterprise and start-up) to implement and grow customer success teams dedicated to building true value and satisfaction for customers.  She has extensive experience ensuring cross-departmental teams are all committed to developing a truly customer-centric organization.


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